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This is undoubtedly the biggest tourist attraction in the city of Panama .

From the terraces and balconies of the Miraflores Visitor Center you can watch the boats pass just meters away.

There is a restaurant and a museum within the center.

Recognized as the eighth wonder of the world , is the narrowest point of union between the Caribbean and the Pacific Ocean.

This is possible through three gates and three artificial lakes.

Is much more than an incredible feat of engineering , it is a complex union between man’s ability and force of nature .

The ecosystem around it is just wonderful . 52 million gallons of fresh water each boat to mobilize needed , annually about 14,000 ships pass .

Small boats leave public docks Gamboa to lead you to an ecological expedition or an exclusive fishing trip on Lake Gatun , can also snorkel and explore the railway, trains and other equipment remain submerged in the canal since its opening in 1914.


It is the second Panama City founded in 1673 after the destruction of the first city now called ” Panama La Vieja” , which occurred in 1671 with the pirate Henry Morgan.

It is for this reason that the new building was a fortified city with a thick stone walls and seven bastions to protect it from any attempted pirate attack.

Inside, religious, military and civil buildings which remain today and can be visited by private car or by going on guided tours were erected.


The Causeway of Amador Causeway in Panama is a tourist place where you can spend some quality time with family or friends.

The island has amador causeway that once were a favorite anchorage of Spanish galleons arrived in Panama City with treasures which snatched the Inca empire. In 1913 , the islands became part of Fort Grant, this fort was used to defend the entrance of the Panama Canal against possible attacks from Germany or Japan.

The armed forces of the United States built the road connecting the three islands using rocks digging the Panama Canal .

There is an ancient secret tunnel “Since military command ” dug deep into the rock of the Flamenco Island .

The amador causeway called in Castilian ” Causeway ” , is composed by a road from the mainland which connects four small islands in the Bay of Panama : Naos , Culebra, Perico and Flamenco.


Among the most important museums in Panama City include:

• Museum of Contemporary Art (MAC ) is the only Museum of Contemporary Art that exists in Panama . It is a non – governmental organization ( NGO) non-profit , which has legal personality .

Its mission is to be the spearhead of the visual arts in the acquisition, conservation, research and dissemination of the arts of Latin America, with emphasis on the national.

Recovering our artistic heritage and promote it through the sensory and spiritual experience of contact with the Art Museum . Sensitize people of all ages , with emphasis on children , through formal education in art .

The Museum of Contemporary Art is much more than an art collection , is a place where everyone can enjoy , learn and research on art in general and especially Art Panama .

• Explore : Centre for Science and Art : EXPLORE is the first Interactive Center of Science and Art in Panama . It is a place where children and teens can learn, encourage and foster the spirit of research using as main tool the game a fun and innovative way.


National Theatre at the Old Town of the city of Panama .

The National Theatre is the ultimate home of the arts in Panama .

In 1904 , Law 52, the new Republic of Panama ordered the construction of the National Theatre .

He commissioned the Italian architect Genaro Ruggieri design Theatre and the Palace of Government .

The Duke and Arias Company was responsible for the construction and the supervisor of the work was the engineer Harmodios Florencio Arosemena .

It was inaugurated on October 1, 1908 , coinciding with the inauguration of Don Jose Domingo de Obaldía as President of the Republic.


• Omar Torrijos Recreational Park

Known simply as Omar Park , is located in the center of the metropolis and is declared a national green.

The park has facilities for public use, such as gym, pool , tennis courts , baseball , basketball and football , a outdoor auditorium , meeting room , library, restaurants.

This is a place where different activities take place either cultural, religious , social type and promoting public health.

The route along its perimeter is about 5km . The Omar Recreational Park , 56.5 ha, is the most visited country as a natural attraction and recreation space

in the city of Panama . Receives an average of 25,000 people monthly.

• Metropolitan Park of Panama : It has an area of 232 ha. Is located in Ancon and is a protected area that is within the limits of a metropolis.

Its goal is to preserve in the city of Panama a natural area to help maintain the balance between the natural environment and human habitat ,

while protecting biodiversity , providing a suitable habitat for species that require large areas .


It is a spectacular place to enjoy the sun, sea and sand tourist province .

It has beautiful beaches where you can practice SCUBA diving , snorkeling, surfing or just enjoy the weather and calm waters .

Tourist Places to visit: 1. Isla Colón is located in the town of Bocas del Toro.

Two . Parque Nacional Marino Isla Bastimentos .

Three . Keys trainers .

April . Lazy Bear Trail in Bay Wave.

May . Cristóbal Island.

6. Punta Caracol.

7. Punta Hospital.

8. Dolphin Bay .

9. Path of the Red Frogs .

10. Bird Island .


You can enjoy a pleasant climate in its highlands , extreme sports, observing animals and exotic birds, fair flowers ,

fresh fruit, large hotels and excellent access to various tourist attractions .

Tourist Places to visit:

1. City of David – capital of the province of Chiriqui.

Two . Boquete – city of flowers and coffee.

Three . Cerro Punta – nice weather , beautiful flowers and amazing tourist sights .

April . Playa las Lajas – white sand, palm trees and a great big sun.

May . Rio Chiriqui and Chiriqui Viejo – strong currents , waterfalls and rapids excellent for walks in the raft.

6. The boiler – located in mind Boquete with hot springs .

7. Volcano – located on the slopes of Volcan Baru .

8. La Amistad International Park – PILA was for World Heritage Site by UNESCO


It is a great tourist spot where you can enjoy the warmth of its people, beautiful handicrafts ,

beautiful beaches where you can enjoy the sun, sand and surf. Visit Veraguas and you will not regret .

Tourist Places to visit:

1. Coiba National Park

Two . watchtower

Three . Thermal Wells in Cañazas

April . Craft Market at the Peña de Veraguas

May . In Montijo : beach Beach Queen and Torio ( good for surfing ) , Malena beach .

6. In Sona : Santa Catalina beach (used for surfing ) .


With the warmth of its people , spectacular surfing beaches , paradise islands , beautiful rivers ,

international fairs like the Azuero and enviable carnivals.

Tourist attractions to visit :

1. National Festival in Guararé Marjoram .

Two . Festival of the Pollera .

Three . Azuero International Fair .

April . Packs of skirts in San Jose de Las Tablas.

May . Playa Venado excellent surf .

6. Playa El Uverito in Tables .

7. Isla Iguana Pedasi


It has beautiful green beaches, forest parks , clay crafts and friendly people who make you feel like in your country.

Tourist Places to visit: 1. Festival of Sugarcane in Pesé .

Two . Manito Festival in Ocú .

Three . The Sarigua National Park.

April . Parita and Chitre where you can stay , eat local dishes and buy handicrafts .


You can enjoy its rich culture , folk , cool climate in Valle de Antón or tropical in its beautiful beaches. Visit Abroad is a great tourist choice .

Tourist places to visit: 1. Minor Basilica of St. James , located in the city of Nata de Los Caballeros.

Two . Archaeological Park in the Caño .

Three . Anton Valley where you can enjoy a pleasant and cool climate.

April . Beautiful beaches like Santa Clara, Farallon and Rio Hato, located on the Pacific coast.

May . The salt of Aguadulce

6. Museum Penonomé

7. Las Mendozas


It is a province with great tourism boom thanks to its beautiful beaches, resorts, shopping center for tourists such as the Colon Free Zone ,

harbor cruises , islands and many more tourist attractions .

Tourist places to visit :

1. Isla Grande.

Two . Beach at Nombre de Dios .

Three . Playa Langosta.

April . Playa Palenque.

May . Portobelo .

6. Turtle Cay .

7. Fuerte San Lorenzo .

8. Sierra Llorona.

9. Colon Free Zone .


You can relax, enjoy life , beautiful beaches, eat lobster or shrimp , see exotic animals, visit a rainforest and discover a hidden paradise.

Tourist Places to visit:

1. San Blas.

Two . El Porvenir.

Three . Nargana .

April . Darien National Park .


Indigenous regions of Panama are wonderful to visit as they have beautiful beaches , exotic rainforests places, the food is very good ,

the warmth of its people and above all is an experience you will never forget .

Yalala Kuna Kuna Yala islands formed by about 360 extends from the border with the Province of Colón to the border with the Republic of Colombia .

The Kuna Yala is divided into four districts :

1. Township of Narganá : composed of 28 communities , the most outstanding are: Sector Cartí , Sugar River communities ,

and Nargana Heart, Tiger and Ticantiqui community .

Two . Township of Ailigandi : made ​​up of 10 communities , the most outstanding are: Playon Chico community .

Three . Township of Tubuala : composed of 11 communities.

April . Township of Puerto Obaldia : with 3 communities.

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